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jean marcel ngoua memories of you July 8, 2015
It is four years now...I miss you
ngoua jean marcel 1st July 2012: One year gone by June 28, 2012
One year gone by, it really seems like yesterday...memories of the good times spent, the joys and sorrows...That s life.
ngoua jean marcel
I had always loved her music, her voice listening to “Amio” and another album” Doudou Dada”. In June 1997, I met her shopping at Mokolo Market, a few days after her memorable jazz show, with Eko Roosevelt, Anne Marie Nzie and Leeza Roof at the French Cultural Centre of Yaounde. I told her how much I love listening to her melodious and beautiful voice and that I had a surprise for her. She invited me to her hotel and was so moved by my surprise, which was a copy of her second album she herself did no longer have. Since then we shared our secrets, confidences, memorable moments and a complicity that at times disturbed those who did not know about us… I am sure very few family members shared her joys and sorrows the way I did. She was a loving, opened and caring person to everyone she met. She was my second mother, my friend who advised me on life. Then came the love for music which brought us very close to each other. She was very strict a far as live performance was concerned. She always made it a point to have the best sound quality before she would accept going on stage. She had a great concern for artists to be respected for what they were doing…of course she devoted her life to her music…Many people thought she was too demanding. She adopted my musical band as hers and her doors were always opened to us. She insisted that we should sleep  and eat at her home, no where else, whenever we were in Douala…I had the privilege of becoming  her son , her friend, her assistant and travelled all over the world with her.. We will miss each other so much …
Michel Ndoh

I met her during the preparation of an edition of the Music Festival which I was organizing. I then discovered that she was very simple person. At first, I had been told that she was very complicated. But I found somebody who loved people, who spoke openly. She was demanding as far as artistic work was concerned. For her, to enter studio or to play on stage, it was the sound quality of the orchestration that mattered first. She had asked me for example if the sound would be good and if everything would be set technically speaking, before she would accept performing. She never wanted to make mediocre performance It is necessary to say that her experience abroad opened her mind to see show business big. I also noticed that she did not live alone; she was always surrounded with relatives and children. She would have been able, in my opinion, to produce better musical pieces than Cesaria Evora. But she was not assisted by professionals; she was not followed up in her career. It is a real pity! Here is an amazing talent who leaves and of whom I am convinced did not even produce 30 % of her talents. She allowed me listen to songs of her new album which not yet produced. That’s why each artist should be assisted by people who love them; who love what they do and who think of managing them.

Masong Tarkang

There are too many memories to share from toys to clothes, food, jewelry, make-up, and beauty tips, Mama had a suggestion for everything and to everybody. She had a gift for “fixing things”. If she came into a room and did not like the placement of things, she would change it. This is what made her special: her opinions were countless; I watched so many transformations that I am not short of inventions on anything to do with style. I realize now that one lesson I have carried with me is that no outfit (and nothing) is ever plain: make it special-she did!


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